August 28, 2017 Official Visit to The Greater Shoals Area/ Sheffield Rotary Club

The club meets on Mondays at noon in Sheffield at Ronda P’s Restaurant.  Their president is John Pemberton and their assistant governor is Harold Lewis.  Ronda P’s opens for lunch with great home cooking.  This club was founded April 1, 1920 and is one of the oldest clubs in the quad cities area of North Alabama.

The service project that this club is most proud of if their Scholar Dollar program.  They partner with the Florence Rotary Club to raise money for scholarships awarded to students who plan to attend the community college in their area.  Both clubs are increasing the scholarships to include students who plan to continue their college experience by attending the area college, the University of North Alabama which offers 4-year degrees.  These scholarships go to graduating seniors who might not have the opportunity to attend college without this financial help.  These scholarships are based on need, as well as grades and leadership.

This club also recognizes Law Enforcement Excellence by identifying the “Officer of the Year” every year.

To raise money for their community service projects, they also partner with the Rotary Club of Florence in the Scholar Dollar Auction.  I attended this auction this year for the first time and came home with a $25 bottle of wine (it was good) and a necklace and earring set for my sister – wonderful value and I plan to return next year.  These two clubs together with other partners in the area of the quad cities raise over $300,000 for this scholarships.  Are they making a difference in their community and the world?  I definitely think so.  Thank you, Rotarians of the Greater Shoals/Sheffield Rotary Club.  I’m thankful for the work that you do to make a difference in today’s world and our future.

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