Wednesday, August 23 Official Visit to the Rotary Club of Boaz

This is my first visit to the Boaz Rotary Club, but not my last.  Steve Burgress , the club president, welcomed me to Snead State Community College where they meet.  While there, I asked about all of the service that they do.  Here’s what I learned.

The members of the Rotary Club of Boaz Alabama are concerned about environmental degradation, illiteracy, world hunger and children at risk. The Boaz Rotary club members travel to countries like Haiti after a devastating earthquake and are still returning year after year helping that country rebuild.  Club members answered the need of flood victims in Pakistan along with those that suffered the aftermath of Katrina where Rotarians throughout the world raised $19 million in donations and grants for the relief and recover in the New Orleans area.

The Boaz Rotary club established a Peace Camp in West Africa offering scholarships to people in third world countries and hosting “Friend Exchanges” with other Rotarians to bring different cultures together from around the world so that everyone can learn from one another and continue toward the world someday living in peace.

On their website, the have this comment:  “The motto “Service Above Self” holds true as Boaz Rotarians answer the needs of so many people who would be overlooked or pushed back because “maybe somebody else will do it”. “  A true description for the Boaz Rotarians who are Making a Difference in their community and the world.

The last question that I asked was about Fund Raising to support their service projects.  They shared a story with me entitled “The Lemon Shake Story”.  It seems that one of the Rotarians has a recipe for a Lemon Shake.  His family uses the recipe to make money for various needs.  The club members decided to do the same for an event in Boaz.  They set up a serving truck, purchased the required supplies, then asked for the Lemon Shake recipe.

Here it is:  Fill a jug full of water.  Add lemons and sugar.

Wait a minute, the members said.  This is lemonade!  Yes, the Rotarian said, but see, you shake the jug – hence the name, “Lemon Shake”.

I did get their permission to share this story.  I laughed so much during my visit – what a great club, doing so much, to make a difference in their community and our world.

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