District Governor Sue’s visit to the Rotary Club of Talladega on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Thursday, August 31st I traveled to Talladega to visit the Rotary Club of Talladega.  This club meets at the Citizen’s Baptist Medical Center on Thursdays at noon.  Cindy Pennington is their president and Tommie Goggans is their assistant governor.  Below is a picture of Cindy with DG Sue standing by the 4-Way Test that is recited at the end of each rotary meeting at most clubs, including Talladega.  Talladega Visit.jpgOne of their service projects involves a fund raising event called a Reverse Drawdown.  $100 gets you dinner for 2 people and a chance to walk away with $10,000.   The proceeds from this event is split with the Talladega High School athletic programs and the band.  This year’s event occurred in July and raised over $6,500 to benefit area nonprofit organizations, primarily the city school system’s sports and band programs.  This year’s event was the third annual Drawdown fundraiser.  The event was held at the Champion Center of “C7C Camping” Cotton’s Campground in Lincoln.


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