Zone Institute: September 5-10, 2017 in Springfield, Illinois

The Zone Institute is a yearly event scheduled in the Fall to conduct training and business for District Rotarians in  Zones 30 and 31.  District 6860 is in Zone 30.  Our Zone Director is Greg Yank, who is presently serving in his first year of a two year term as Zone Director.  This year, the Zone Institute was held in the Land of Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois – the capital city of Illinois.

Training is provided to District Governor Elects, District Governor Nominees, District Membership Chairs, Emerging Leaders.  District 6860 representatives included Carol Argo, DGE; Bill Petty, DGN; Lee Weinman, DMC; and Lori Moler, DEL.  Our District also has two members serving at the Zone:  PDG Pat Cross and PDG Tom Greene.  Also in attendance was Bo Porter, who served as a Sargeant at Arms and me, as your District Governor.

Business included being updated for the Foundation and Membership awards earned by Districts within the Zone.  Our District did not earn any recogniztion in Membership.  However, we were recognized by the Rotary International Foundation in 4 of the 5 areas.  Our district placed 1st in Total Contributions, 2nd in Polio Contributions, 3rd in Endowment Fund Contributions, and 2nd in Annual Fund Contributions.  Please see the picture below for additional information.  Congratulations goes to DGE Gary Andrew for his successful year of 2016-2017 at District Governor.

Zone Recognition.jpgThe Zone Institute in 2018 will be held in Montgomery, Alabama.

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